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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare

 (4 portions)

This is a simple but very tasty seafood pasta dish so much appreciated by all fish lovers. The flavor of its sauce is enriched with tomato, garlic and a mix of seafood, originated from south Italy.


500 gr pasta Linguine
400 gr large shrimps 
300 gr squids, cut into rings
4 large Langoustines (fig 2)
3 cloves of garlic 
200 gr tomatoes peeled and seed
Figure 2


Figure 3
Step1:- in a large pan add virgin Olive Oil and a crushed clove of garlic and let to sizzle until soft
-add the 4 langoustines to the pan and let to cook gently for 5-10 min 
-just before they cooked add a splash of brandy and let infuse 
-finish with a bit of chopped parsley (figure 3)

Step 2:-in another large pan heat 3tbs virgin Olive Oil ,then add the rest of the crushed garlic cloves and a fresh chopped chilly followed by the squid rings and the shrimps and let cook for 5 min (Figure4)

Figure 4

-add the chopped tomatoes and let them to soften, over low heat
Step 3:- now place the pasta in boiling salted water and cook al dente (figure 5)
-when ready, drain the pasta and add them to the seafood sauce 
-stir well everything until pasta is coated in sauce

Figure 5
To serve, put the pasta in a plate together with seafood sauce add a large Langoustine and sprinkle chopped parsley on the top. (figure 6)

Figure 6

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