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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chicken with Cream and Mushrooms Sauce


  Chicken with Cream and Mushrooms is a delicious,silky lovely dish made with juicy,tender chicken breasts .To make this I was inspired by a French classic called Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons ( sorry my french ) to which I add my little twist ....


4 boneless,skinless chicken breasts
2 shallots
1 clove garlic 
300 g small chestnut mushrooms
200 g fresh double cream
1 spring fresh thyme
300 ml chicken stock
1 glass white wine
1tbs Dijon mustard 
20 g plain flour
50 g butter
3 tbs olive oil
salt & pepper
chopped parsley


  Start by preparing the chicken and the veg ready to be cook as so,cut the chicken breasts into 2 cm cubes,finely chop the shallots and garlic then,slice the mushrooms .Figure 1

Figure 1
   In a preheated pan put the olive oil and the butter and gently fry the shallots and garlic mixture on a low heat for 10 mins until they soften ,then add the chicken .Cook for 10 minutes on all sides and then season well with salt and pepper before adding the sliced mushrooms. Figure 2 & 3
    Add the thyme and white wine and cook for 5 minutes to let the alcohol evaporate.

Figure 2
Figure 3

   In a different small pan ,melt 20 g butter and add flour to form a roux ,then add the chicken stock stirring continuously .When you finish you should have a nice bechamel sauce. Figure 4 & 5

figure 4
Figure 5

   Add the bechamel to the chicken/mushroom mixture ,then add the Dijon mustard and the fresh cream and continue cooking for another couple of minutes until the sauce has thickened. Figure 6 ,7 ,8 ,9

Figure 6
Figure 7

Figure 8
Figure 9

  Make the last adjustments like adding more salt or pepper if necessary  ,and sprinkle with the chopped parsley before serving. Figure 10 ,11

Figure 11
Figure 10

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thai Red Chicken Curry with White Rice

Thai red curry is definitely one of the most fragrant and sumptuous recipe that go well with chicken or shrimps and can be made as spicy you like from mild to very hot.
I will share my own style of red chicken curry recipe I've cooked lately...


4 large chicken breasts(skinless & boneless)
5 spring onions
200 gr sugar snaps
1 little jar of char-grilled peppers
1 cm piece of ginger
2 cloves garlic
1 or 2 fresh red chilies
1tbs brown sugar
1 lime(zest and juice)
1 can of coconut milk
wilted spinach
3 curry leaves


-For the curry sauce ,cut 3 spring onions into chunks,clean and chop the ginger and garlic and place them in a food processor with a cutting blade attached,together with a the grilled peppers and whiz for few seconds.Add salt and fresh chilies to that,the brown sugar and lime zest and juice and whiz again to form the curry paste.Figure 1 & 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

-Cut the chicken breast into 2 cm pieces and put them in little bowl together with half of the curry paste to marinate for 15 mins.Figure 3
Figure 3
-Heat 3tbs cooking oil in a wok and add the marinated chicken breasts to fry over high heat for few mins,stirring continuously to brown the meat.Figure 4
Figure 4
-Add the rest of curry paste and simmer all stirring occasionally for couple  mins before adding the sugar snaps,wilted spinach curry leaves and the rest of spring onions which you previously cut into small pieces.Continue to simmer on medium heat  until the chicken and the veg are cooked.Figure 5

Figure 5

-Add the coconut milk and cook all for 1 minute or not too long anyway before serving.Figure 6 & 7

Figure 6
Figure 7

White Rice:
Figure 8

1 mug filled with long grain rice
2 of same mugs of water
1 dash of olive oil

Put the rice in pot and add water  twice the rice amount in this case a tea mug of rice/2 mugs of water and a splash of olive oil.Season with salt and cover to  simmer on low heat for 8-10 mins allowing the rice to fully cook.Figure 8

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pasta with Mushrooms, Bacon and Tomatoes

Tortiglioni alla Boscaiola

This is a classic Italian dish, most enjoyed in the fall when you can find the beautiful fresh Porcini mushrooms. But in my recipe I will use chestnut mushrooms with some dried porcini mushrooms, soaked in water.

(Figure 1)

400 gr pasta (any pasta will do)
1 onion
400 gr mushrooms 
300 gr peeled tomatoes
120 gr pancetta 
50 gr black olives
olive oil
ground pepper 
chopped parsley
Figure 1


Step1:- clean the mushrooms & cut them into slices 
-slice the olives and chop the tomatoes after you peeled and seed them

Step 2:- in a hot pan start browning the pancetta, while in another pan fry the chopped onion until soft then add the mushrooms and cook for few minutes(Fig2&3&4)

Figure 2
Figure 3

Figure 4
Step3:-place the pasta in plenty salted water and cook them al dente (*one minute less then it says on the packet)
-go back to the sauce and add the olives, tomatoes and the pancetta to your sauteed mushrooms (Fig 5)

Figure 5
-cook the sauce for 7-8 minutes, until tomatoes are soft(Fig 6) and by that time the pasta should be al dente
Figure 6
  Step4:-drain the pasta and pour into the sauce pan (Fig 7)
Figure 7
-toss well to coat the pasta with the rich sauce and finish with a sprinkle of chopped parsley(Fig 8)
Figure 8

Serve immediately with grated Parmesan cheese!!(Fig 9)

Figure 9

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mussels in White Wine Sauce and Cherry Tomatoes

1kg Fresh Mussels
2 x Cloves of Garlic
300g Cherry tomatoes 
200 ml White Wine
Basil Leaves
Parsley (chopped)
Step1:Clean well the mussels,unless your fishmonger did already and set them aside in fresh salted water.This will help loose fine grains of sand inside the shells. (Fig 1)
Figure 1
Step2:Add 3 tbs good olive oil in a hot pan and fry the finely chopped garlic on medium heat until turns golden.
Step3:Now add the mussels and the cherry tomatoes cut in half together with the wine and cover.(Fig 2&3&4)


-Let cook on high heat until all mussels shells opened and the alcohol evaporate.

Step4:Sprinkle around the fresh basil leaves and the chopped parsley. Serve immediately with toasted ciabatta !

Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs

500g Spare Ribs
1x Egg
Soy Sauce
Rice Vinegar
1 cm peeled and chopped piece of Ginger


Step1:-Add 3 tbs of cooking oil to a hot smoking wok and braise the ribs at high heat for 5 minutes as in Fig.1
Then fill the wok with boiling water and continue cooking for 15 minutes until the ribs are 70% cooked.Drain the water and place the spare ribs in a bowl with salt,vinegar,egg and cornflour to marinate for 10 min.
Step2:.In a different bowl combine together soy sauce,honey and cornflour to make the sauce.
Step3.-Place the wok back on the high heat with 3 tbs of oil and add the marinated spare ribs to cook until they turn golden,then add the sweet and sour sauce.Fig.2

Step4.Toss everything for couple of minutes and serve immediately.

Egg Fried Rice

This is an Chinese classic dish,tasty and very easy to make.The beauty of it is that the fried rice will gratefully embrace any leftovers from your previous meals.Well,in any situation you have to use boiled and cooled rice,otherwise it will go all sticky.Here I'm doing a plain version of the egg friend rice,but as I said you can always throw in some spring onions or peas according to your taste.

2 x Eggs
2 x Tsp Sesame Oil
2 x Tbs Vegetable Oil
2 x Tbs Soy Sauce
200g Long-Grain Rice,previously cooked and cooled 

Step1:- Beat the eggs with the sesame oil and add to a very hot wok and cook for few minutes as in Fig.1
Stir continuously to break the egg like you do with scrambled eggs Fig.2


At this point you can add your veg or left overs,but as I mentioned my version will be plain.
Step2:-Add the cooked rice and stir fry for couple of minutes until some of the rice begin to caramelize and give a last toss to coat well in oil and mix in the egg.
Step3:-Season well with Soy sauce and pepper and serve immediately.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stir Fried Noodles with Shrimps


500 gr rice noodles
150 gr shrimps
2tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sesame oil
1 green onion or shallot chopped
1 carrot finely chopped
1 fresh red chilly finely chopped


Step1:- soak the noodles in warm water for 5-7 minutes
-drain them and set aside
Step2:-warm cooking oil in a wok and add the finely chopped veg (Fig1&2)
Figure 1
Figure 2

-stir fry for 2-3 min before adding the noodles and the shrimps(Fig 3)

Figure 3
-continue cooking for another 5 min and add the soy sauce and the sesame oil
Step 3:- toss everything together and serve immediately (Fig 4)
Figure 4